This course is designed for those interested in the writing of prose fiction, particularly that short story.  The emphasis is on the importance of the three “R’s”: Reading, Writing and Rewriting.  Students will experiment with the short story in its various forms and modes in order to sharpen skills.  In written form as well as verbally, students are required to respond critically to all assigned readings.  This acquisition of critical skills is mainly for the purpose of enhancing students’ writing. 

This course will provide students with a theoretical as well as a practical hands-on approach to poetry.  It will examine both the aesthetic and vital properties of poetic language, fostering personal and cultural growth and challenging students to excel in their expression of the word.  This course will also help to inspire a public confidence in the nation’s aspiring writers.

Short Fiction Writing II is an advanced course in the practice and theory of short fiction.  This course prepares participants for publishing their work by furthering their knowledge of the short story in particular and publishing in general through the reading of established writers, critical responses to writers’ work (in discussions and mini-essays), and the development of the student’s own writing.  Students are expected to experiment with the elements of fiction, such as a collection of stories, or multiple revisions of a story completed in Fiction Writing.  Quality is favoured over quantity as they move to produce a publishable piece of work and their own anthology.

Cinematic Screenwriting I explores the fundamentals of what makes a good story when using the medium of film.  Students will progressively develop each segment of the screenplay, learning to develop good characters, create believable conflict, and create industry-structured treatments and step outlines as the foundation for their screenplays. The majority of the written work will be completed at home and presented to classmates for critiquing and feedback.  By the end of the course, each student will complete a 30-minute short fictional film screenplay that can be used as preparation for a feature film.  Students will also learn to market their work and protect their intellectual property rights.

This is a practical course aimed at providing participants with the tools to write for the theatre.  It will be provided equally between writing, reading and observing.