Technical and Vocational Teachers' Training Programme in Adult Education

Education for Sustainable Development

The Vocational Teachers’ Training Programme in Adult Education is designed to assist instructors to deliver lessons effectively. This is a process which calls for thought and action, even on the part of the experienced practitioner.  The course is designed to evoke such thought and action from the study and application of relevant concepts, with a view to improving the quality of adult education and the actual practice of teaching.

           The programme is oriented to the needs of the instructor and institutions.  It broadens the perspective of the instructor and seeks to address local issues facing vocational education.  In particular, this programme is designed to stimulate the development of the instructor's understanding of his/her main subjects in relation to the demands of teaching and provides a sound, intellectual and practical foundation for a career in adult education.  It maintains a balance between professional studies, the development of professional skills and the instructor's overall growth as a professional.  The programme will initiate the gradual transformation of the instructor and his/her view of the education process and the dynamics of facilitating the educational development of young adults.