This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts, principles and practice of Software Development for the Web (i.e. Web Applications) using Java Server Pages.  It includes some intermediate and advanced materials which are needed to build reasonably complex projects and to grasp “the bigger picture”.  An abundance of appropriate examples and hands-on practice are given at every stage to assist students in understanding and mastering the material.  Although the focus is on server side technologies, some client side technologies are incorporated to produce industry standard web applications. 

Topics include the following: Introduction to Web architecture and JSP; Client-Side and Server-Side Scripting; Basic Form-Processing Techniques; Variables and JSP Control Structures, Scripting with JSP Elements; Processing the Client Request, Applications, Sessions, and Cookies; JavaBeans; Scopes of Variables and JavaBeans; Connecting to and manipulating Databases with JSP; Adding Power to Database Access with SQL through JSP; Sending Email.